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42 Soul Destroying Jobs Announced For Waterford

POSITIVE news for people who have decent well paid jobs but like hearing about other people getting slightly shitter jobs as several companies in Waterford have announced 42 new jobs. The jobs, poorly paid and with long unforgiving hours come mostly in the services sector with many locals having the chance to serve impatient and… Read more »

Canal Divers Lowering The Tone Of Derelict Area

A GROUP of young people who are spending the hot summer days leaping into the canals and waterways around Dublin have come under fire from online commentators, who claim they are “lowering the tone” of some of Dublin’s poorest and more derelict areas. The youths, ranging in ages from 0-8, have been filmed flinging themselves… Read more »

Sticks & Stones To Face Ban Under New Internet Safety Bill

A NEW cyberbullying bill put before the Seanad by Senator Lorraine Higgins will attempt to ban forms of name calling as well as the historically harmful sticks and stones. Despite generations old protestations from the public that names will never hurt them, Higgins has been at the forefront of criminalising such barbed communications following her… Read more »

Weirdo Sitting Alone In Cafe Not Even On His Phone

A COMPLETE weirdo sitting at a table in a local cafe hasn’t once checked his phone, despite being there for almost ten minutes now. Staff at Charlie’s Coffee Pot in Waterford expressed concern shortly after the young gentlemen sat down at table 12, on his own, and proceeded to stare vacantly into space: as if… Read more »

Country Asks Nordies To Keep It Down Up There

THE 26 counties which comprise the Republic of Ireland have today begun banging on the ceiling of the country with a broom, in a bid to let their upstairs neighbours in Northern Ireland know that the noise level is getting on the loud side again. The symbolic gesture was coupled with a message to the… Read more »

Thousands Of Irish People Killed With The Heat

A NATIONAL day of mourning has been announced by the government following the highest number of people killed with the heat in recent memory. The heat-related death toll has reached 4,000 since the beginning of the summer, with the middle-aged and elderly being the worst hit. No county in Ireland has escaped the crisis, with… Read more »