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Barack Obama Plaza Failing To Live Up To Promises

IT WAS supposed to be the petrol station that changed everything, but almost a year on from its inaugural pumping, Barack Obama Plaza has yet to win over its most vocal critics. With pre-construction promises of what it could offer customers, Barack Obama Plaza just off the M7 on the Tipperary/ Offaly border opened its… Read more »

School Of Hard Knocks To Receive 32 New Prefabs

FOLLOWING a record number of new admissions over the past few years, the School Of Hard Knocks has announced that extensive renovations will take place this Summer, although shortfalls in the budget will mean that most of the new classrooms will be prefabricated cabins as opposed to proper buildings. The School Of Hard Knocks, also… Read more »

New Social Media Campaign To Raise Awareness Of Awareness

THE SOCIETY of Awareness is today launching a social media campaign to raise awareness of awareness in Ireland, to highlight the ongoing issue of being unaware. Commenting on today’s campaign launch, chairperson Holly Phelan urged internet users to ask friends and family members to highlight the last time they were unaware about something on their… Read more »

Nation Suddenly Realising How Shit Snow Can Be Again

MERE hours after frolicking with gay abandon in fresh snow, the Nation has suddenly realised how truly awful snow can be. Despite the Nation being diagnosed with ‘snow amnesia’, a condition which leaves people unable to remember the downside to snow, the majority of Irish people still fall for the sight of fresh snow. “We… Read more »