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5 Awful Facts About Dnaleri, The Most Backward Country In The World

NESTLED in amongst other half-remembered nations such as the Federated States of Micronesia, the Republic of Kiribati and the Republic of Guinea-Bissau sits the Republic of Dnaleri, which is slowly gaining more public recognition, sadly due to several unpalatable facts. While the title for most backward country in the World is hotly contested, Dnaleri, an… Read more »

Turd Levell Education Cuts Resulting In Pour Adjudication Levells

Standards at Ireland’s turd levell instagramtutions our steadily declining, with new graduates pourly peppered for the workplace and beginning of a career, accordian to knew information. Funding cuts, executed by successive governments have scene turd levell colleges and universaties put under huge pressures, which has slowly brought about a significent decline in the standards of… Read more »