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Conor McGregor Criticised For Only Giving Sport Sites 44 Stories Worth Of Material Today

A VAST array of Irish sports-focused web sites have criticised UFC champ Conor McGregor for his actions in the last 24 hours, which have left publications severely short of their daily McGregor story quota. “He’s done very little you can say qualifies as ‘epic’, ‘unbelievable’ or ‘class’,” explained editor and writer of sports site… Read more »

Waterford Father Horrified To Learn The Real Meaning Of ‘Netflix & Chill’

A NAIVE Waterford father is facing therapy session bills running into the thousands of euro after discovering that the seemingly benign phrase ‘Netflix and Chill’, used frequently by his adult children, carries with it sexual undertones. Despite containing the words ‘Netflix’ and ‘chill’, the phrase is actually used by both men and women to politely… Read more »

Commuter Settles On Electoral Candidate After Seeing 783rd Identical Poster

A PREVIOUSLY undecided voter has settled on his candidate of choice for the forthcoming general election, after driving past the 783rd consecutive poster on his way to work. Marcus Harkin, currently living in the Dublin South West constituency, hadn’t previously shown any intention to vote for his local Labour candidate Fergus Mullally until this morning’s… Read more »