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Scientists Confirm Discovery Of Most Irish Thing Ever

A GROUP of scientists in Trinity College Dublin have made what has been described as the most significant discovery in the history of Irish science. “Before our research, there was no metric by which one could measure a unit of Irishness, or what indeed was the most ‘Irish thing ever’,” Dr. Eamon Shields explained to… Read more »

WWN Profiles: Tim Cook

AS the EU’s ruling against Apple in a tax case continues to dominate the headlines, WWN takes a closer look at Tim Cook: Name: Timothy Cook Age: 55 Occupation: CEO of Apple, nerd. Maniac capitalist hell bent on the destruction of mankind, possibly. Why is he in the news: due to an EU ruling, which… Read more »

Local Woman Wants You To Delete This

LOCAL internet patroller Janet Hendricks has expressed annoyance that an article she disliked online has yet to be deleted, despite her clearly stating “delete this” in the comments section. The 45-year-old Dublin native disagreed with the contents of the article despite not reading it, and demanded that the publisher delete it so that she could… Read more »