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Stamp Lickers Union Calls For An Post Strike

AN POST’s stamp lickers union have called for a ballot on industrial action to take place as more and more public sector pay workers fight for better pay and working conditions. Chronically dry tongues are just one of many long term effects that An Post’s stamp lickers can suffer from as they lick close to… Read more »

Obama To Apply For Political Asylum In Moneygall

AS THE countdown to the inauguration of the 45th president of the United States draws ever nearer, political opponents of president-elect Trump are said to fear for their freedom during his reign after previous statements hinted at the fact the billionaire would stamp out dissenting voices. The rumours that President Obama is applying for political… Read more »

Culchie Tries To Explain Rules Of 25 One More Time

RATHER than relax and play Texas Hold ‘Em with his friends as they had a few cans after a recent night out, hardcore culchie Noel Kennelan desperatley attempted to explain the impenetrable rules of the card game ’25’, which he claims is ‘way better than poker, hi’. 25, also known as ‘that culchie game’, involves the… Read more »