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Alcohol Related Story To Be Popular On WWN This Weekend

WITH the advancing June Bank Holiday Weekend, Waterford Whispers News readers, are eagerly anticipating how the satirical news site will make them reflect upon the problems associated with Ireland’s drinking culture, right before they crack open their third can of the day. A poll of readers carried out on Google+ found that articles relating to… Read more »

‘Student Lightweights Ruining Scuzz Buzz For Everyone Else’, Claims Waterford Lad

COUNTY Waterford lad Jamie Lonergan made a controversial claim today that certain students were ruining the reputation of a new cocktail drug called scuzz, by being “total lightweights” and “freaking out to their mammy’s”. The furious Mr. Lonergan made the claim outside Supermacs to the lads last night, stating “young fellas shouldn’t be taking acid if… Read more »