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Postman & Amateur Weatherman Beaten To Death In Donegal

GARDAÍ in Donegal are investigating the violent death of postman and amateur weatherman Michael Gallagher today after he was attacked by an angry mob of locals, apparently distraught with his previous predictions of good weather. Witnesses stated that over three hundred people gathered outside the postman’s home at around 8pm, before forcing their way into the house and… Read more »

ISIS Radicalising Irish Seagulls

THE Government’s worst fears have been realised following the revelation that the rise in aggressive and violent seagull behaviour can be directly linked to the fact they have been recruited and radicalised by ISIS. Sources close to the Department of Defence can confirm that ISIS, whose nascent caliphate shows no signs of being defeated, first… Read more »

Aul Mr. Brennan Diagnosed With Gluten Intolerance

SOURCES close to Aul Mr. Brennan have confirmed that the genial octogenarian has been diagnosed with celiac disease, causing him to completely change his diet and cut out all bread, all day. Brennan, 83, had recently complained of digestion issues, as well as weight loss and fatigue. A series of tests by specialists in the… Read more »