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‘MMA Is Useless In A Real Fight’, Claims Aikido Black Belt


A DUBLIN based Aikido black belt has today slammed mixed martial artists over their outrage that the Irish Martial Arts Commission (IMAC) described MMA as “pornographic, sadistic and voyeuristic to its core”, in official documents that surfaced from the organisation online. Kevin Reilly, who has been practising Aikido for ten injury free years, said UFC fighters and the likes had ‘very… Read more »

Olympic Factfile: The Laser Radial


ANNALISE Murphy came agonisingly close to a medal in London four years ago, and heads into the laser radial event even more determined to land a place on the podium. But for those new to the sport and keen to cheer on Ireland’s sporting finest, the question remains, just what is the laser radial? It’s… Read more »