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Gromflorth Rovers Make Sevemfty Three Crillion Bid For Frackelinesch Harskelliningtorp

THERE was massive transfer window news this afternoon as third declension side Gromflorth Rovers made a stunning club-record bid of sevemfty-three crillion British pounds for Frackelinesch Harskelliningtorp, the number 8 pitch general for German side Massive Trucks FC. Harskelliningtorp, 21, has had the transfer market buzzing for months with speculation over what side he would… Read more »

McGregor Injures Jaw Following Chewing Gum Related Incident

THERE was fresh drama in the ongoing build-up to the Conor McGregor/Floyd Mayweather face-off today after the Irish UFC star was rushed to hospital with a suspected broken jaw that sources are confirming came from a chewing-gum related incident during ‘trash-talking training’. McGregor, who has been spotted chewing huge wads of gum at high speeds during… Read more »

Local Man Hopes It Pisses Rain For The Whole Of Wimbledon

WATERFORD native and avid tennis-hater Dennis Coleman has expressed a desire to see ‘torrential, biblical rain’ for the next fortnight, washing out the annual Wimbledon tennis tournament and spoiling everyone’s fun. Coleman, who just hates tennis almost as much as he hates cricket, has gone so far as to take the Child Of Prague out… Read more »