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West Ham V Chelsea Violence Pinned On Russian Hooligans Again

THE English football community has today cursed Russian hooligans for once again tarnishing the good name of English football fans, following an outbreak of violence at an EFL Cup meeting between West Ham and Chelsea last night. Not content with falsifying eyewitness accounts of some Euro 2016 hooliganism, Russian scumbags are dedicating their time to… Read more »

Rats Pictured Leaving Sinking OCI Headquarters

IN a blow to the impeccable, bulletproof integrity of the OCI, tabloid photographers caught sight of a flurry of rats leaving the council’s headquarters as its foundations began sinking into the earth earlier this morning. The Olympic Council of Ireland had enjoyed receding back into the vast recesses of the public’s consciousness in the weeks… Read more »

UK Police Continue Search For Missing Paul Pogba

UK POLICE have renewed their appeal for any information as to the whereabouts of a French national who was reported missing in the Manchester area of the country in August, WWN can reveal. “Paul Pogba was last seen in Turin and believed to have boarded a plane to Manchester to start a new job, but… Read more »