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Zlatan Ibrahimovic Commissions Statue Of Himself Outside Old Trafford

AFTER a commanding and cup-winning display in Manchester United’s 3-2 League Cup final win over Southampton yesterday, the talismanic Zlatan Ibrahimovic has commissioned a statue of himself outside Old Trafford, WWN understands. Speaking to reporters in the moments after the game, Ibrahimovic revealed the design spec for his statue which will reach heights of 30ft…. Read more »

McGregor’s Baby In Heated Stand-Off During Ultrasound

THERE were tense scenes at today’s weigh-in for Conor McGregor’s upcoming first child, as the spirited foetus squared up to the doctor performing his ultrasound, reportedly telling him to ‘get that fuckin’ thing out of my face’. The Notorious Baby McGregor was getting a routine check up at the time, and took issue with what he… Read more »

Sunderland Fans Holding Out Hope For Purchase Of Brand New Squad Of Players

DESPERATE Sunderland fans are experiencing what many experts believe is an episode of mass hysteria after a number of diehard supporters admitted to harbouring the fanciful dream of a last minute purchase of 23 ‘non-shit players’. Despite being completely aware of the club’s recent history and the increasingly depressing demeanour of their manager David Moyes,… Read more »