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WWN Previews Ireland’s Play Off Opponents Denmark

WE’RE GOING TO THE WORLD CUP!!! Despite Ireland’s passage to the World Cup being guaranteed after securing Denmark in the playoff draw, WWN is obligated to fill it’s regular sport preview slot, which it will do so reluctantly. While it is utterly pointless, we here at WWN Sport will nevertheless provide you the footballing public… Read more »

Spanish Government Kidnap Lionel Messi In Dawn Raid

THE latest escalation in violence carried out by Spanish government forces against the Catalan region of the country has seen football superstar Lionel Messi been kidnapped while on international duty in Argentina. “And no, just to make it clear, we will not be making him play for Real Madrid. That’s unfair, no, we’re finally going… Read more »

Dublin Confirm They Own Football Now

DUBLIN GAA has informed all counties that previously competed in the male and female iterations of the All-Ireland Football Championships that the competition will no longer be open to outside counties. Posing alongside the Sam Maguire and Brendan Martin cups, the victorious men’s and women’s panels confirmed their intention to keep the trophies permanently and… Read more »