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“Damn Stupid Hipsters,” Confirms Jealous Man Not Going To Bulmers Forbidden Fruit Festival

A MAN who has found himself ticketless for the upcoming Bulmers Forbidden Fruit Festival, has denounced the 3-day event which features many of his favourite acts as a breeding ground for ‘damn hipsters’. “Ah I’d say it’ll be unbearable. All those ‘I’m too cool for school’ try hards, like I’d be caught dead going to… Read more »

Poll: What Is The Most Irish Thing Ever?

A QUESTION that has baffled scientists for centuries. Something successive governments have spent billions on in an effort to define it. Yet no one has been able to definitively prove what the most Irish thing ever is. Until now. WWN’s crack team of Irishologists have managed to find what may be the 4 most Irish… Read more »

Hailo App Name Change To ‘mytaxi’ Brings An End To Singing Beyoncé’s Halo While Ordering Taxis

THOUSANDS of Hailo app users have expressed their sadness following the end of a treasured past time carried out between the hours of 10pm and 4am, usually on weekends, following the app’s change of name to mytaxi. Distraught passengers of Hailo taxis must now reckon with the harsh reality that singing the lyrics to Beyoncé’s… Read more »

POLL: Is It Wrong To Be Attracted To The Green M&M?

A GROWING number of people have come forward in recent weeks to confess their desire for the green M&M known as Ms Green. The delicious chocolate treat joins the female bunny from Space Jam, Jessica Rabbit and every anime character in existence in being on the receiving end of infatuation from men.

Irish Man Claims To Be Reigning Tinder Champion

A LOCAL WATERFORD man has caused considerable intrigue this week after confirming he is the reigning champion of dating app Tinder, WWN has learned. James Nolan, a self-confessed ‘decent looking lad’, made the claims to friends much to their amusement, after a recent spate of matches on the dating app. “Wake up, brush my teeth,… Read more »