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Millennials Are Changing Casinos

There is little doubt that through the ages the younger generation has had a profound and lasting impact on culture. Most often their influence can be seen in areas such as music, style, film, and other forms of entertainment. The influence of younger consumers can also be seen in such areas as shopping and banking…. Read more »

Man Donates Body & Soul To Medical Science

LOCAL man and self-confessed non-reveller Martin Harrigan has agreed to donate his body and soul to medical science, in a bid to understand and enjoy the calming, pleasurable effects of the upcoming Body and Soul festival. “Normally, I’m a coiled spring of tension,” said Harrigan, wearing a range of scientific sensors on his neck and… Read more »

“Damn Stupid Hipsters,” Confirms Jealous Man Not Going To Bulmers Forbidden Fruit Festival

A MAN who has found himself ticketless for the upcoming Bulmers Forbidden Fruit Festival, has denounced the 3-day event which features many of his favourite acts as a breeding ground for ‘damn hipsters’. “Ah I’d say it’ll be unbearable. All those ‘I’m too cool for school’ try hards, like I’d be caught dead going to… Read more »