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7 Things No One Tells You About Giving Birth

DESPITE childbirth being one of the most monumental experiences any woman can go through, many are reluctant to share their experiences, owing to the fact that some of the more ‘gory’ details can put people off. Newly expectant mothers therefore are deprived of essential knowledge, but WWN is here to change that with 7 things… Read more »

9 Signs He’s Not ‘The One’

WONDERING if you’re wasting your time putting effort into making your relationship work when there is a chance he might not even be the one? Well, WWN is on hand to give you a run down of the signs which will make it clear he is most certainly not the one. 1) He doesn’t look… Read more »

Ireland’s Top 32 Counties

BELOW is the essential list of counties, and anyone with a bit of pride in their county will be intrigued to see where they find themselves on the list. Cast your eyes on the list, specially compiled by WWN in no particular order, and see where your county is listed in the rundown, let’s see… Read more »

5 Reasons Why Jeremy Corbyn Is The Antichrist

NEWLY elected UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has caused a stir in Britain with several controversial views which have not been pre-approved by the ruling Conservative government, rich people or Tony Blair. We here at WWN have compiled 5 of the most devastating stances with the help of the Daily Mail which prove Corbyn is… Read more »

4 Things Absolutely Every Unique Girl Does

Are you one of those unique girls? Well then you probably recognise these few ways you just don’t follow the crowd and are a complete law unto yourself. 1) I know it’s crazy but you actually follow football. What the hell? You’re a girl, how do you like, like football? That is so random and… Read more »

WWN Guide To Multitasking As A Man

WHILE women are famous for multitasking and telling you they can multitask, sadly men are truly bereft of this simple skill. However, thanks to recent advancements in science, there is hope for penis owners. While society is waiting for several scientific patents to be cleared for commercial use, WWN presents men with a few tips… Read more »

WWN Guide To Starting College

MANY new students have taken to colleges up and down the country this week, but with little experience of third level education it can be a perilous and scary time. Let WWN guide you through what could well be an awkward bedding in period with some simple tips and information. For those students who have… Read more »