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5 Things To Do If Your Phone Starts Ringing

IT starts with a buzz, as your phone vibrates in your pocket. A message, you think. A Snapchat, a Whatsapp update, maybe an email, maybe someone commented on your Facebook post. But no. The phone keeps vibrating. It’s not a message at all… it’s a phone call. It’s hard to believe in this day and… Read more »

5 Things No One Wants To Hear From Their Doctor

WHETHER it’s just a routine visit to the doc, or you find yourself there in the waiting room because you’re concerned about something specific, there are a few things you never want to hear from your GP. Luckily for you, WWN has a handy list of those very things below: 1) “Your scrotum is gorgeous”… Read more »

WWN Guide To Throwing Rocks At Emergency Services

THERE are those among us who would never dream about throwing a rock at anyone, let alone a member of the emergency services attending the scene of an accident. But going by the numbers of ambulance crews, fire brigade members and gardaí that get assaulted by groups of youths each year, some people clearly possess… Read more »