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12 Chat Up Lines Only Irish Lads Say

Irish! Lads! Chat up lines! Irish lads and their chat up lines! It’s the classic that just keep on giving, you’ll find these gems coming out of the mouth of some lad with a GAA jersey on a packet of Taytos in his hand. 1) ‘I’m gently insinuating I would like to have sex with… Read more »

FUTUREWATCH – If Ireland Legalised Cannabis

WITH the world slowly coming around to the benefits of cannabis use, we look forward now to the future in a bid to predict what¬†Ireland would be like if it legalized the controversial plant. Ireland Will Be Cancer Free That’s right, cannabis cures nearly every form of cancer known to man, almost immediately.¬†“Oh, but Bob… Read more »

The 5 Best Kids Shows From The 90’s

1) Bosco Nights Short lived but critically acclaimed Bosco spin off, which saw Bosco solve crimes at night. Prematurely cancelled after the episode in which Bosco crossed the line and murdered loveable sidekick prostitute Jessie after finding himself in a drunken rage after she had given Bosco gonorrhoea aired. Despite only lasting 12 episodes, who… Read more »