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457 Visas: Will Your Friends In Australia Still Be Unbearable? We Answer Your Questions

WITH Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announcing an end to the 457 visa, many Irish people, including those planning to go to Australia as well as those currently in Australia expressed serious concerns. However, a greater number of people stuck with the perma-grey depressing Irish skyline felt the fresh sparks of hope that the news… Read more »

5 Things Hitler Never Did

WITH WHITE PRESS Secretary Sean Spicer’s comments relating to the fact Hitler never sank as low as to use chemical weapons on innocent people, WWN’s newly installed resident historian Sean Spicer has unearthed a further five things Adolf Hitler absolutely never did during his tenure as mild mannered leader and saviour of the German people…. Read more »

5 Signs You May Be A Lightweight

UNSURE if your friends, family and colleagues are labelling you a complete and utter lightweight behind your back? Such thoughts can plague the mind of any upstanding member of society, the doubt surrounding your lightweight status can seep into other areas of your life, affecting your performance at work, school or college. WWN is on… Read more »