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5 Places To Have A Sneaky Pray

WITH the liberals and their Catholic bashing mantra slowly making it increasingly difficult for followers to express their beliefs in public life, a large majority of worshipers are now being forced underground to pray to the Almighty Father. But just where are the best places to partake in a sneaky pray? We’ve asked five staunch Catholics about their favourite… Read more »

“Kicked Her Out As Soon As The Bitch Turned 18” – ‘Daddy Or Chips?’ Father Speaks Out

THE once lauded and universally enjoyed McCain Oven Chips advertisement recently revealed its dark past when WWN tracked down and interviewed the father of the ad’s iconic daughter, Sophie. Seeking to fill our weekly quota of covering nostalgic and barely passable anniversaries in pop culture has become increasingly difficult but when we interviewed the father… Read more »

WWN Guide To Being A Character Witness

SO, your close friend/co-worker/sporting teammate has gone and gotten himself/herself into a spot of bother. The law is involved, and they’re going in front of the judge pretty soon. What they need is someone in their corner, someone that can bear witness to their character, and help assure the jury that they’re not a bad… Read more »