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FUTUREWATCH: Minimum Alcohol Pricing Is Introduced

AFTER the Government confirmed in late 2015 their intention to introduce legislation which would enable a minimum price to be placed on alcohol sold in off licences and supermarkets, Ireland’s future was altered in many astonishing ways. As part of WWN’s FUTUREWATCH series, we outline some of the more shocking ways this visionary policy changed… Read more »

WWN Guide To Secretly Vetting That Muslim Lad In Work

AS everyone is now probably keenly aware, the entire planet’s 1.5 billion Muslims are massive terrorists. However, sometimes it is hard to gauge whether or not you should employ or work alongside a Muslim and it’s even harder still to ask ‘are you a terrorist’ without coming off like you’re intentionally prejudiced against someone based… Read more »

WWN Guide To Snow

WITH the latest news coming from Met √Čireann suggesting that it might snow this weekend, and the media’s insistence that this has never happened before in Ireland, WWN is on hand to provide you with the essential guide to this most unique of weather conditions. The average Irish person suffers from a condition known as… Read more »