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4 Ways To Avoid A Seagull Attack

THE news is awash with terrifying instances of seagulls attacking humans. Just yesterday in Waterford, the grisly discovery of an elderly woman who was killed by a seagull who went on to claim her pension for several months brings into focus the need to protect ourselves. WWN brings you 4 essential ways to avoid a… Read more »

5 Things You Can Do With Your Extra ‘Leap Second’

FOR the first time in three years, scientists will tonight ‘add’ another second to the world’s most accurate atomic clocks, allowing them to sync up with the rotation of the earth which slows down by an almost immeasurably small amount every year. As the clock strikes midnight, this ‘leap second’ will be counted, meaning that… Read more »

5 Things Ireland Still Had During Italia 90

TODAY marks the 25th anniversary of the infamous day when “a nation held its breath”, as the Republic of Ireland emerged victorious from a second round clash with Romania at the Italia ’90 World Cup Finals. For those who watched it on TV screens across the land, the memory is as fresh today as it… Read more »

5 Cancer Causes At Home You Should Get Rid Of

We have mistakenly grown to believe that our home is a sanctuary. However, recent studies have shown that modern homes are packed with cancer causing substances that harm our health. We at WWN have listed some of the most dangerous items. Get rid of these cancer-causing products immediately and provide a healthy surrounding for you and your family…. Read more »