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Syringes, Used Condoms, Empty Vodka Bottles, Blood: Inside The 61 Day Session At Leinster House

AFTER two months without a government, following one of the most diverse general elections in decades, Leinster House is now a shadow of its former self, with a clean-up operation costing well into the millions of euros. We get an access-all-areas look at the damage caused by unruly politicians under a caretaker government. Once decorated… Read more »

5 Salads That Take Just Minutes

HOT or cold, there’s nothing quite like a salad! They’re tasty, and quick to make. Plus you can have basically anything in them. Here’s our 5 favourites! 1: Bagged chicken and spice Ingredients: chipped potatoes, peppers, onion, chicken, seasonings. Cook the chipped potatoes and the chicken, then toss all in a container and mix for… Read more »