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Ireland’s Top 5 Poisonous Creatures

ST. PATRICK chased all the snakes from Ireland? Keep telling yourself that. This Emerald Isle is teeming with deadly wildlife, waiting to feast on Irish citizens. Join us as we talk you through the five deadliest creatures in the Irish natural world. Tipperary Confusion Bug Like many parasites, the life cycle of Tipperary Confusion Bug… Read more »

5 Sneakiest Women Of All Time

AMBER Heard; boy, there’s a sneaky bitch. The actress and woman recently filed for divorce from her famous husband Johnny Depp®, sporting an oh-so-convenient bruise on her face to help with those domestic abuse claims. Depp’s friends and supporters leaped to his defence, taking to the internet to confirm what the majority of men believed… Read more »

Top 4 Headphones To Wear While Driving

DRIVING with headphones is ‘in’ right now. Everyone is doing it. It’s very cool and can make driving absolutely the best fun ever. Please find below the top four headphones on the market we believe are the best you can buy for driving your motor propelled vehicle. Beats By Dre Probably the most recognisable headphone on the market… Read more »