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AMAZING! This Letter Was Addressed To ‘Man In Waterford Who Looks Like A Bit Of A Rapist’ And Got To Its Destination!!

IN yet another example of how awesome the Irish postal service is (and indeed Ireland), another letter with one of the most cryptic of addresses has reached its intended destination. A county Waterford man received the letter from his friends, which was addressed to ‘man in Waterford who looks like a bit of a rapist’…. Read more »

5 Ways Trump Can Boost His Approval Rating

PRESIDENT Donald Trump’s numbers took a tumble in the latest Rasmussen Poll- dubbed ‘the most accurate poll’ by the president himself- following six months of chaotic leadership and emerging scandals. So what now for Trump, currently sitting at a record-low approval rating of just 39 percent? Here’s 5 ways the beleaguered boss can win back… Read more »