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5 Signs You May Be A Lightweight

UNSURE if your friends, family and colleagues are labelling you a complete and utter lightweight behind your back? Such thoughts can plague the mind of any upstanding member of society, the doubt surrounding your lightweight status can seep into other areas of your life, affecting your performance at work, school or college. WWN is on… Read more »

Is It Time To Give Satan A Chance?

For millennia the vast majority of people have taken for granted Satan’s reputation as a hard partying pile of shite who lives for nothing other than the misery of others. However, WWN’s Investigative Reporting Unit sought to examine the blanket stereotype applied to this figure and the team was shocked by what it discovered. “He… Read more »

This Rich Person Didn’t Funnel Any Earnings Away To Avoid Paying Tax, The Fucking Idiot

EARNER of an enviable amount of money, Clare Larragh, has been labelled a ‘fucking idiot’ by all right-minded people after it was discovered she hasn’t funneled any of her earnings abroad out of the reach of the Irish tax revenue system. Seriously? A high six-figure salary and you don’t even have an accountant. Colossal ignoramus… Read more »