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​ REVEALED: Leaked Tom Cruise Auditing Documents From The Church Of Scientology

WHISTLEBLOWER website Whisper Leaks has today released some 36,000 documents reportedly taken from auditing sessions carried out by the church of scientology on American actor Tom Cruise. In what is being called the biggest breach of information from the religious order to date, thousands of questions and answers about Mr. Cruise’s life were made public,… Read more »

“DMT Changed My Life”

When I think of all those years I wasted, scraping my own shit from my hole and flinging it over the zoo wall at some poor prick eating a ham sandwich, I can’t help but feel sorry for all those other gorillas I left behind, explains Pluto, a laboratory test subject who has been trialling the effects of the hallucinogen compound N,N-Dimethyltryptamine… Read more »

Thinking Of Committing A Crime? Consider Becoming ‘A Pillar Of The Community’ First

WWN’s legal affairs expert Patrick Henley-Drummond takes you through the necessary steps required to being smart about committing unspeakable acts and getting away with them: A mistake countless aspiring criminals make is forgetting to lay groundwork for their efforts to secure a suspended sentence or a slap on the wrists. Over the years I’ve encountered… Read more »