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Didn’t Get The Points You Wanted? Don’t Worry This Instagram Influencer With 1,200 Followers Didn’t Either

WITH Leaving Cert results out today some students will feel a little disappointed with how their exams panned out. It’s natural, and thousands upon thousands of people have had that same feeling and gone on to carve out great careers in jobs they love. By now, Irish society has moved on from treating these set… Read more »

Waterford Whispers News Live Show

Waterford Whispers News is dedicated to bringing you, the public, all the essential news and having discovered injecting the news directly into your veins is illegal (thanks health and safety laws) we will instead deliver it to your eyes and ears in a live setting. Get news’d in the face at the following venues with… Read more »

5 Alternative Uses For Cheese Strings

THAT MIGHTY piece of cheesed snack has more uses than you think. WWN reveals five alternatives uses for the Cheesestring. Relay baton Staging a school sports day or competing in an Olympic final? No matter the occasion, no matter the stage, the Cheesestring is a durable multi-purpose item that can slot in effortlessly into your… Read more »