Category: Referendum 2018

Rosary Bead Clutching Increases 400% As Wording For ‘8th’ Replacement Released

RESIDENTS in Ireland have reported hearing the loud and unmistakable sound of rosary beads being clutched defiantly as news broke of the wording that would replace the 8th Amendment in the constitution if a referendum on repealing the amendment was successful. “Oh, it was the most awful sound, the rubbing of dry wood against more… Read more »

What Red Herring Will You Be Using In Your Referendum Arguments?

HAVE you no intention of conducting yourself and your discourse in relation to the upcoming abortion referendum in a truthful and honest manner? Well, then you may have been considering putting forward ‘arguments’ and ‘facts’ which are neither factual nor directly related to the actual vote on repealing the 8th amendment. And what better way… Read more »

Ireland Set To Open First Industrial Abortion Factory In Coming Days

AS A direct result of the Oireachtas Committee on the 8th Amendment’s decision to recommend a referendum be held on the complete repeal of the 8th amendment, Ireland’s underground network of blood thirsty feminists have opened the country’s first abortion factory, with no one interrupting this sentence to deny it is the first of millions… Read more »