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Nation: “We’ve Never Experienced An Assault On Democracy Of This Level”

FOLLOWING the appearance of an impassioned open letter in the Irish Times from misunderstood and cuddly businessman Denis O’Brien, the Nation has responded openly with its own letter to the Digicel tycoon. In response to O’Brien’s assertion that he has “never experienced hatred of this level” the Nation’s letter began with ‘fuck you’ before listing… Read more »

Maltese Tax Exile Briefs Government On What To Say Next

A MALTESE resident holidaying in Ireland has briefed the local government this morning on what to say next about a certain issue, that he says cannot be talked about after winning injunctions against the local press. Businessman Denis O’Brien, Ireland’s richest man and tax exile, flew in late last night to address friends in ministerial… Read more »

Government Running Out Of Things To Sell Off

AHEAD of a Dáil vote today on the sale of Aer Lingus, it has been revealed that the Government is running out of things to sell off. In efforts to raise money to plug holes in successive budgets, the Fine Gael and Labour coalition have identified several ‘must sell’ options with Aer Lingus perhaps being… Read more »