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“All This New Job Business Is Getting Very Boring If You Ask Me” – Micheál Martin

FOLLOWING the announcement of over 1,200 new jobs today, opposition leader Micheál Martin said he was getting very bored of hearing about new positions being created, and even accused the Government of bribing voters. Speaking in an exclusive interview with WWN, Mr. Martin slammed the Government’s obvious attempts to secure voters by bribing them with… Read more »

Government ‘Devastated’ IBRC Inquiry Won’t Be Finished Until After Election

THE Government is said to be understandably devastated by the news that the IBRC inquiry won’t be finished until after the election as the legal impasse the inquiry encountered remains unresolved. “You wouldn’t believe the number of letters I wrote to legal experts, the opposition leaders, all in an effort to resolve this, the hand… Read more »

Iran To Build Giant Wall To Keep Americans Out

POLITICIANS in Iran have assembled to discuss what to do about Americans crossing over into their territory, with many suggesting that the only solution is to build a massive wall to keep them out. The emergency assembly comes after 10 US Navy sailors were apprehended after straying into Iranian waters while on a training exercise… Read more »