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Irish Water Director Also Works As Big Issue Vendor

IRISH Water director Hilary Quinlan has come under fire yet again today after it was revealed that he also sells Big Issue magazines in Waterford city during the morning rush hour, bringing his total number of jobs to 12. The former Fine Gael Councillor was snapped outside a local train station today at 8:30am, begging people to buy the… Read more »

Ireland Opens New 17th Century Mental Health Facility

THE GOVERNMENT has welcomed their own decision to open a brand new 17th century mental health facility in an unsuitable location somewhere. The facility was opened via a ceremonial ribbon cutting to which no expert in the field of mental health was invited, although a world record for high fives and back slapping was set… Read more »

Micheál Martin Being Treated For Amnesia

MICHEÁL MARTIN has been presented to hospital staff at St. James’s Hospital by a number of worried members of the public after the Fianna Fáil appeared to be walking around in a confused state, with no recollection of much of the past 20 years. “Ah, you just have to act when you see someone so… Read more »