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Man Expresses Poorly Researched Opinion

A NATIONWIDE discussion has been sparked off the back of an opinion piece published in yesterday’s Irish Independent, which gave a Dublin man the opportunity to express poorly researched opinions while going completely unchallenged. Dublin footballer Ger Brennan spoke bravely from the heart as he listed countless inaccuracies, with a commitment to being honest which… Read more »

Taxidermied Margaret Thatcher Arrives At No.10 In Glass Case

BRITISH Prime Minister David Cameron unveiled a taxidermied Margaret Thatcher outside Number 10 Downing Street this morning to mark “a new old era in Tory politics”. At 10am, in front of a large media presence, the reelected Tory leader announced new powers to tackle radicalisation, saying the UK has been a “passively tolerant society” for… Read more »

Nigel Farage To Go Back To Being Full Blown Racist

UKIP leader Nigel Farage is expected to go back to being a full-blown racist after failing to gain the seat of Thanet South, despite his party increasing its share of the vote nationally. After losing out to Conservative candidate Craig Mackinlay, the former commodity broker vowed to resign as leader, losing by almost 3,000 votes, polling a total of… Read more »

Ireland Offers Its Condolences To UK Voters

IN a solemn gesture which speaks to the growing affinity Ireland has with its close neighbours in the UK, the Irish public have today offered their formal condolences to voters there after reading up on the UK’s leading political parties. A modest bunch of flowers were sent to the UK public this morning, accompanied by… Read more »

A Monster Five-Foot Rodent Found In County Tyrone

A MONSTER five-foot long rat has been found swimming in the Irish media for the past fortnight, and it’s looking for a good home. The vermin, a Caucasian Christian bigot, was reported to be dwelling in West Tyrone, Northern Ireland. It is believed to be the worst of its kind found in recent years. Nicknamed ‘Susan’ by… Read more »