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Ian Paisley ‘Still Not Dead’, Say Relatives

RELATIVES of former church minister and politician, Ian Paisley, confirmed today that he is ‘still not dead’. The 86-year-old is said to be alive and well after suffering from acute heart problems this time last year. A statement on behalf of his wife, Baroness Paisley said: “He’s been alive now for ages and doesn’t look like he’s going… Read more »

Ireland Immediately Writes Off Own Debt In First Day Of EU Presidency

IRISH leaders have boldly written off all debts owed by the country to the European Union after taking the office of presidency yesterday. Taoiseach Enda Kenny and Labour leader Eamon Gilmore announced their decision to ‘wipe the slate clean’ during a brief press conference in Brussels. “We have looked at the books and have decided… Read more »

Budget Cancelled Due To Budget Cuts

T THE MINISTER for Finance Michael Noonan announced today that the government will not be holding a budget on the 5th December due to budget cuts in the Finance departments budget — proving that not even they can escape cutbacks. The unorthodox decision was passed by Fine Gael in an emergency meeting held in Dail Eireann… Read more »