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Britain Diagnosed With Malignant Tumour

A DOCTOR performing a routine check up on the land mass of the United Kingdom has sadly revealed she has discovered the presence of a malignant tumour. The fleshy and unsightly lump, weighing about 15 stone, is fused tightly to Great Britain and could cause irreparable long term damage. “I’m sorry to say it’s a… Read more »

Boris Johnson Some Craic, All The Same

BORIS Johnson’s bid for prime minister of Britain has taken a turn for the better in the last 24 hours, after a groundswell of support from people who have finally accepted just how hilarious it would be to have him run the UK, even for a while. Johnson’s popularity took a sharp uptick after a… Read more »

Does Lisa Smith Pose Enough Risk To Ireland For Government To Up Defence Forces Pay?

IT’S ONE of the most talked Irish security issues of the past decade, supplanting the very real threats of gangland gun violence and militant Republicans, but does Lisa Smith, the Dundalk women who joined ISIS pose such a severe risk to Ireland’s national security that the government are considering the unthinkable; paying the defence forces… Read more »

We Went To Analyse Johnson’s Policies But We Realised He Didn’t Have Any So We Took The Day Off, Got Ice Cream & Everything

CASTING aside his larger than life personality, his Eton-honed quirks, his Oxford-perfected bluster, his train wreck of a personal life, his black hole of a track record – Boris Johnson is running for PM and deserves to have his ideas and policies appraised. It is incumbent on journalists and media outlets to appraise his plans… Read more »

Putin Takes Rare Day Off From Destabilising The West

RECLINING in a hot tub and wearing shades, Russian leader Vladimir Putin took a well earned break from further sowing the seeds of discontent and divisiveness throughout Western democracies and finally administered some ‘self care’ by taking a well earned day off. “This…is the life,” Putin said to himself, basking in afterglow of his latest… Read more »

Get A Load Of This Cunt

IN A series of tweets which will invigorate his supporters who respond positively to his universal message of hating people who aren’t white, notorious thunder-cunt Donald Trump has again dragged American politics and its discourse to depths where only oddly translucent blob fish in the Mariana Trench have dared to plunge before. “Get a load… Read more »

WWN Guide To Being Silenced By The Media

TIRED of nobody listening to your righteous fury on your podcast, newsletter, YouTube channel or soapbox? Need to bump up your audience figures so that you can really get your message out there and make some money from it? Then you need to get silenced by the media, and quick! Here’s a few pointers: 1)… Read more »