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Government Urge Homeless To Huddle Together ‘Real Tight’ During Cold Snap

THIS week’s Minister for Housing Eoghan Murphy has called on Ireland’s homeless community to huddle together ‘real tight’, ahead of exceptionally cold weather which is forecast for the next week. Speaking with his mouth, Mr. Murphy pointed out that hugging reduces the surface area of your body being exposed to the cold air, advising that the more homeless people that… Read more »

“Psst! Looking For Any Bad Mortgages?” We Investigate The Bankers Selling Bad Debt On The Street

DUBLIN’S docklands can be a cold, unforgiving place to be during the harsh Winter months, with the icy East wind blowing its Siberian breeze up the Liffey, but for many city bankers it’s home to one of the biggest underground bad debt markets in Europe, churning over billions every day. “Psst, hey you, yeah you! Do you wanna buy… Read more »

Stormont To Start Letting Rooms Out On Airbnb

KEEN to avoid any accusations that they’re wasting public resources, the remaining shards of the Northern Assembly have put a number of rooms in Stormont up on accommodation-sharing website Airbnb, in a bid to ‘make a few quid’. With the vast majority of the rooms in the east Belfast castle lying idle since the collapse… Read more »

We Take A Trip On ‘Air Force A Haon’

WHEN Michael D. Higgins travels, he travels in style. Flanked by two of the Irish Air Force’s most elite Spitfire pilots, Air Force A Haon carries our country’s premier to crucial engagements all around the world, and WWN have become the first newspaper to have an exclusive trip on the luxury aircraft. Joining Michael D…. Read more »

“I Fucking Hated Irish My Whole Life, But I’m Fucked If The DUP Are Taking It Away”

“IF those bastards think they’re taking away the language that got me into more trouble in school than anything else, then they’ve another thing coming,” was the general consensus of every red-blooded Irishman in Ireland today, still seething at the collapse of talks between Sinn Féin and the DUP in Stormont last week. “I may curse… Read more »

What Red Herring Will You Be Using In Your Referendum Arguments?

HAVE you no intention of conducting yourself and your discourse in relation to the upcoming abortion referendum in a truthful and honest manner? Well, then you may have been considering putting forward ‘arguments’ and ‘facts’ which are neither factual nor directly related to the actual vote on repealing the 8th amendment. And what better way… Read more »