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Government’s Environment Policy Found Discarded At Illegal Dumping Site In Wicklow

A CRIMINAL investigation is underway following the discovery of the government’s missing environmental policy at an illegal dumping site, WWN can reveal. The discovery is a fresh blow to the government as it has been consistently criticised for not doing enough to preserve and protect Ireland’s environment. “Ah Jesus, how did that end up there?… Read more »

Trump Assures Puerto Ricans They’re Fine

VICTIMS of the devastating hurricane that levelled Puerto Rico have been assured once again by President Donald Trump that they have plenty of food, water and medical supplies, despite what they may think to the contrary. ‘FEMA & First Responders are doing a GREAT job in Puerto Rico. Massive food & water delivered,’ tweeted Trump,… Read more »

Irish Scoliosis Patients May Travel To 1st World Country For Surgery

IRISH patients suffering from scoliosis, a medical condition in which a person’s spine develops a sideways curve, may have to travel to first world countries with modern day health care systems for surgery. Nearly 300 young children suffering with scoliosis and living on the impoverished emerald isle are currently on a waiting list for surgery, with many suffering through years of crippling pain… Read more »