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WHISPER LEAKS: Irish Waterboarding

THANKS to the brave work of one of our journalists WWN can bring you an exclusive behind the scenes insight into the workings of the controversial board of Irish Water: I immersed myself in their world, spending months inserting myself into their social circles, attending countless drinks receptions, functions and press gatherings. There was even… Read more »

The Edge Learns New Chord

FOLLOWING U2’s recent album download success with tech giants Apple, lead guitarist David Evans aka ‘The Edge’ has gone from strength to strength, claiming a “new lease of life” in the music game and even learning a new chord. We traveled to the star’s Irish home in Killiney to chat with him more about this… Read more »

Waterford Lad Receives Five E’s And Several Class A’s During Leaving Cert Results

STUDENT of life Jamie Lonergan said he was absolutely delighted with himself after receiving five e’s and several class A’s outside Newtown secondary school today while Leaving Certificate students collected their exam results. The 24-year-old spent several minutes studying the crowd outside the school whilst waiting for his friend Damo to come along with his… Read more »

‘Got Stuck With A Rake Of Garth Brooks Yokes If Anyone Wants Them For Cheap’, Pleads Waterford Lad

WATERFORD entrepreneur Jamie Lonergan has pleaded with anyone looking for cheap drugs over the weekend to give him a call, as he has been left stuck with over 500 Garth Brooks pills after the singer cancelled his scheduled gigs. According to the 23-year-old, the slightly speckled ecstasy tablets, bearing Brooks’ signature caricature, are only expected… Read more »

The Secret Minister – Lost In Translation

Being bumped from a prominent speaking slot at the EPP conference at the last minute to accommodate Bono is not an ideal way to round off the week, but political life is cut throat and in hindsight An Taoiseach probably made the right decision. In the days since my barnstorming speech at the Fine Gael… Read more »

The Secret Minister – Go Ard Or Go Home

  [follow id=”Secret_Minister” size=”large” count=”true” ]The annual Ard Fheis is where Fine Gael party legends are made. The man who says he doesn’t remember the speech made at the 1977 Ard Fheis given by a young whippersnapper called Enda Kenny is a liar. The great and the good of the party assembled in the RDS… Read more »