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Reeling In The Years: Tramore 1923 – Boy Racers First Ever Cruise

Drifting, a driving technique where the driver intentionally oversteers causing loss of traction in the rear wheels while maintaining control, was first invented in 1923 by Tramore automobile enthusiast Thomas Kennedy. Mr. Kennedy, a fast food business owner from the town, first discovered the technique while driving on the local beach with his fiancée Martha The 22-year-old became a… Read more »

Reeling In The Years – Mikey The Monkey 1996

Mikey was a giant stray monkey who lived in Waterford city in the mid 90’s. Rumour has it that Mikey was left here by a team of Hungarian scientists after he was genetically modified to help local farmers pick wheat which was used for flour for local blaa bakery’s. Unexpectedly, the scientists had to leave due… Read more »

Reeling In The Years – 1918: The I.R.B Horse Drawn Missile Launchers.

During the ongoing struggle for independence, large numbers of specially trained palomino ponies were smuggled in from Libya to aid in the Irish Republican brotherhoods logistical weapons programme. The horse drawn launchers were cleverly disguised as vats of Downes’s No.9 whiskey, so as they could move easily from location to location without been detected by… Read more »

Reeling In The Years – O’Sullivan’s Head Shop Est 1924

Waterford’s oldest head shop, which kept the city lit for 89 years, was closed three years ago due to a ban on the sale of illegal highs.   O’Sullivan’s Head Shop was well known for selling traditional psychoactive substances and various drug paraphernalia – like old fashioned wood carved pipes and bongs. Upon closing, proprietor Jim… Read more »