Large Increase In ‘Half-cut’ Housewives Leaving Self-Righteous Comments On Social Networking Sites, Finds Study

A NEW study has found a massive increase in ‘half-cut’ housewives leaving self-righteous comments on social networking sites like facebook and twitter, it has been revealed today. The study, which was carried out by Irish Media Statistics, found that 5 out of every 10 housewives had nothing else better to do with their lives than leave… Read more »

Irishwoman Spends €25,000 On Party For Herself

After sending out intricate invites that required a cartographer to understand, Siobhan Cahill (29) finally threw a lavish party for herself. Siobhan made sure to give as many as 5 months notice to 200 of her closest friends and family. Close to 150 people responded to Siobhan’s request that they celebrate her as a person… Read more »