Dole Queue Causes 2 Hour Traffic Jam.

UNEMPLOYED people of Waterford once again formed a queue stretching 3km from the social welfare offices, on the Cork road, down to the end of Parnell street today. Traffic came to a total stand still from 9am to 11am this morning as there was no way around the huge volumes of people who were waiting… Read more »

David Norris – ‘€234m To Fund Gay Toilet Project’

SENATOR and human rights gay man, David Norris, is to seek almost €234m in funding for the governments new Gay toilets project which was named “loo’s for us too” by the Campaign for Homosexual Law Reform. Senator Norris, visiting Waterfords Dignity bar today — said it was vital that gay men and women get their… Read more »

Bickering Couple Fooling Absolutely Everybody With ‘Lovey Dovey’ Facebook Wall Posts, Says Bickering Couple

A RECENTLY engaged couple have said they are fooling absolutely everybody with their latest barrage of ‘Lovey Dovey’ Facebook wall posts, a source close to the pair has revealed today. David Ward and Laura Woods explained to long time friend Patricia Delaney how they were ‘pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes’ by posting ridiculous messages… Read more »

Women Only Magazines In Medical Waiting Rooms ‘Sexist’ Says Chauvinistic Male Pig

CHAUVINISTIC male pig, Patrick Browne, has slammed medical surgeries across the country today for their ‘Women’s Only’ magazine policy in waiting rooms, saying it was both ‘sexist and ignorant’ to male men who liked to read about manly stuff. Men groups said the practice, which only caters for the female population, showed how naive the medical profession… Read more »

Gardai Say 78pc Of Drink-Drivers Are Complete Dickheads

THE MAJORITY of all motorists arrested for drink-driving are complete dickheads warned a Garda chief today. The shocking disclosure comes as concern escalates over the number of dickheads being killed on our roads. Last year alone, 1,400 people were arrested for drink-driving, mainly in the early hours of the morning. Of these, 1092 were said… Read more »

Waterford Guy Insulted After ‘Facedrinking’ Comment

AN IMMEDIATE review of the ‘friends list‘ was requested by Waterford man Patrick Hogan following an ex-school friends drunken comment late last Saturday night. The 32-year-old father of three has become the latest victim of an epidemic called ‘facedrinking’ plaguing thousands of Facebook members across the world. Last night the insulted man’s family asked people to… Read more »

Heart-Broken Dad Forced To Tell Son ‘There Is No Santa’

IT was the heartbreaking news no parent should ever be forced to share with their child. The moment when a father had to tell his 17-year-old son that there is no such thing as Santa. That moment came two hours before James Tobin was about to post his annual letter to Santa Claus. Pat Tobin,… Read more »