Adult Male Wonders If Playing With His Freshly Cut Toenail Clippings After Shower Is Normal

NORMALLY functioning adult, James Hogan, wondered to himself whether playing with his toenail clippings was normal, after freshly clipping them post-shower this morning. The 34-year-old barman spent over ten minutes bending and rolling his nails while sitting on the edge of his bed, but admitted hiding the specimens from long-time partner Geraldine Holden when she… Read more »

This Story Of A 12-Year-Old Quadriplegic Boy Suffering From Aids And Cancer Who Is Also A Billionaire Professor Is The Most Inspiring Story You Will Read In The Next 3 Minutes

A story to melt even the coldest of hearts. We definitely cried when we read this on the site, we stole the story from. We defy you not to shed a tear as we tell you the story of the amazing Dwight Longhorn, from Phoenix, Arizona, who continues to triumph in the face of adversity…. Read more »

Woman Find’s True Love With Elderly Man’s Bank Balance

In local news today a Tramore woman is said to be planning Waterford’s biggest ever wedding after a chance encounter with an infirm and elderly American Billionaire earlier this month. Trudy Gilmartin, met Texan billionaire Roy Herbert Jones (89) by chance after closely monitoring his movements via a number of social media sites. They bumped… Read more »