Heart-Broken Dad Forced To Tell Son ‘There Is No Santa’

IT was the heartbreaking news no parent should ever be forced to share with their child. The moment when a father had to tell his 17-year-old son that there is no such thing as Santa. That moment came two hours before James Tobin was about to post his annual letter to Santa Claus. Pat Tobin,… Read more »

‘Craic Babies’ Back On The Rise In Ireland

SINCE the first case back in the early 80’s – during the last great recession – researchers have been concerned about the development of children born to women who liked to have the bit of craic during their pregnancy. The first recorded ‘craic baby’ was born in county Waterford in June 1980. Researchers at the… Read more »

Thousands Of Jehovah’s Witnesses Gather For Doorbell Convention

AN estimated 2,000 Jehovah’s Witnesses are expected to attend a series of special doorbell conventions taking place between now and the end of the week. Doorbell enthusiasts of all ages attended the opening day yesterday of the first of the 27 ‘Ding Dong Come Along’ conventions, at the RDS, in Dublin. The theme of the… Read more »

Exorcism-Performing Priest Helps Developer With Ghost estate

CHURCH leaders say developers who become convinced that their housing projects are haunted are calling on local parish priests to help them banish troublesome entities. Fr.Peter Foyle said he recently blessed an uninhabited estate on the Knockhouse road in Waterford after it was reported that people were afraid to live there due to an ‘ill… Read more »