Outrage As Students Keep College Town In Jobs

HUNDREDS of distressed Waterford citizens were outraged this week as the annual college RAG festivities devastated the town with large injections of cash and jobs. Local businesses were said to be recovering today after what has been called the ‘worst week they have ever put down in their miserable lives’. Publican Michael Toomey told WWN today that he… Read more »

Mourners Post Really Funny Crack ‘Tribute Jokes’ To The Late Great Whitney Houston

THOUSANDS of mourning Irish men and women posted really funny crack ‘tribute jokes’ on Facebook today in an emotional memorial to the late Whitney Houston. The tribute jokes started pouring in seconds after the singers death late last night. The majority of which were sourced from the on-line joke website ‘Sickipedia’. Many mourners opted for… Read more »

Pippa Middleton’s Arse Announces Split With Cheeks

Pippa Middleton’s arse has parted with its cheeks, after an astonishing 28 years together. The buttocks of the younger sister of the Duchess of Cambridge announced on its website,, that the marriage was over after it’s cheeks decided to go its separate ways last week. It wrote: “I am very sad to say that myself and cheeks have parted due to… Read more »

Kitten Does Something Really Fucking Cute For Camera

A YOUNG cat did something really fucking cute for it’s owners camera, who just happened to have her photography studio set up in her house, and has made several online newspapers around the world today. Carmel Murray was taking various shots around the home when she realised her 3 month old kitten was doing really fucking cute things in… Read more »

lluminati Break Up Over Creative Differences

THE members of a society called the lluminati shocked conspiracy theorists and the Internet world yesterday by announcing that they are splitting up after 240 years at the top. The group, one of the world’s most secret, was formed in Ingolstadt, upper Bavaria, in 1776 and went on to control the world by manipulating the minds of 7 billion… Read more »

New Social Network ‘Life’ Sweeps The Globe

A NEW social Network called ‘Life’ has been taking the world by storm and is already being topped as the number one platform for social interaction among friends and relatives. Launched only 3.85 billion years ago, the network has already surpassed 6.5bn members and is expected to reach 7 billion members by the end of… Read more »