Local Man Likes To Rob Pints

“I’ve turned it into a bit of an art form, even if I do say so myself,” began Waterford man Matthew Lawrence, tucking into his fourth free pint of the evening. “Guinness, Carlsberg, Fat Frogs, I’m not that fussy – it’s all game, kid”. Mr. Lawrence, a full-time son of two, is one of thousands… Read more »

Arsehole Customer ‘Knows The Owner’

“Is Barry on tonight?” began middle aged customer Margaret Caulfield, who spent her first three minutes frantically looking for attention in the busy Waterford city restaurant. “Barry’s usually on Friday nights. Is he off?” Immediately discerning the woman’s particular customer persona as one they were reluctantly well versed in, staff at ‘The Coddle Pot’ drew plastic straws… Read more »

Farmers Field: Thai Green Chicken Slurry Recipe

WITH the stretch in the evenings officially being upgraded to grand, it is now the perfect time to experiment with your cooking skills in the hopes of finally putting a smile on your family’s sullen and downtrodden faces. Every farmer knows that the second daily dinner is probably the most important meal of the day, so why not park the… Read more »

Diets Can Only Be Started On Mondays, Study Proves ​

A WORLDWIDE study into diets and exercise routines has finally proven that starting any type of new regime on any day other than a Monday results in total and utter failure. The astounding revelation, which was discovered after a 5 year study into health fads, pointed to the start of the week as the only successful day to… Read more »