One Simple Trick To Beat Your 10AM Sugar Crash!

DO you find yourself slumping at 10 in the morning, lethargic and unable to continue with your day? That’s the perils of starting your morning with a sugary breakfast! Studies have shown that people who eat high-in-sugar cereals, pastries, or pancakes and syrup suffer what is known as a “sugar crash”, when the short-term energy… Read more »

Local Kid’s Favourite TV Show Is Some Lad On YouTube Playing Minecraft

A PAIR of Waterford parents have expressed bafflement at their son’s ability to sit for hours watching YouTube videos of someone else playing Minecraft, WWN can exclusively reveal. Conor Gahon, 9, spends more time watching the YouTube channel of Min3cra5txXx than he does actually playing the popular block-based building game. This has confused his Dunmore… Read more »