​BREAKING: Limerick Man Swears He Didn’t Invite Facebook Friend To Messenger There

A LIMERICK city man has denied any accountability after a conversation with one of his Facebook friends ended with an impromptu invite to the social network’s messenger phone application. According to the Facebook message, James Tobin, (52), who lives on the Ballysimon road, allegedly invited long-time friend Denis Carberry to the chat, despite it being… Read more »

Dad To Spend Next 30 Years Closing Doors In House

WATERFORD parent Sean Fallon has resigned himself to the fact that the next thirty years of his life will be spent running around the three-bedroom house closing over doors that were left open by his wife Rebecca and their son James. James, who recently learned to tiptoe up enough to open the handle of a… Read more »

Cat Alan Leader Confirms Independence

Cat Alan, a self-confessed leader of a Waterford household, has today confirmed his independence from his adopted human family, Jerry and Mary Spain, stating that he is free to roam around the back of other houses in the neighbourhood without reprieve and will no longer allow his owners govern his actions. Speaking from the top… Read more »

​Children Get Their Intelligence From Their Father’s Mistress, Finds Study

ACCORDING to researchers, a father’s mistress determines how clever his children are and the mother makes no difference in how their children’s brain develops. Mistresses are more likely to transmit intelligence to other women’s children because they are sexier and more charismatic than their married counterparts, rendering married women practically useless and lame. In a groundbreaking new study carried out by… Read more »