Scientists Discover Link Between People Who ‘Don’t Like Drama’ & Drama Occurring

PIONEERING scientists have been able to identify a link between the occurrence of high levels of drama which was highly avoidable with people who proudly proclaim there is nothing in life they hate more than ‘drama’, WWN has learned. “Cross referencing the number of times an individual stated categorically that they hated drama, and didn’t… Read more »

“I Always Dreamed Of More For My Clothing Line”- Emotional Ben Sherman Speaks Out

ONCE-legendary fashion designer Benjamin Sherman has broken his silence about what he considers to be ‘the tragic failure of his entire career’ in an emotional exclusive interview with WWN, in which he speaks sadly about seeing the clothes he worked so hard on ending up on culchie revellers all around Ireland, covered in garlic cheese… Read more »

BREAKING: Neighbour Needs You To Move Your Car Because They Can’t Drive For Shit

THE neighbour across the street is currently making a hames of reversing their Nissan Micra out of their driveway because your car is parked in their field of view, WWN has learned. Making animated gestures with their hands relating to the positioning of your vehicle, while also trying to look as frustrated as possible, your neighbour has resorted to revving… Read more »