It’s Still Black Friday, Some Fucking How

CONTRARY to the usual system of calendar-based days and dates, the new festive tradition known as Black Friday seems to have freed itself from being limited to just one Friday, and is still on, apparently. “What confuses me is the fact that today is Tuesday, but it’s still Black Friday some fucking how” noted one… Read more »

Local Gobshite To Celebrate Thanksgiving

A COMPLETE and utter gobshite is to celebrate the American national holiday of Thanksgiving this year, despite having absolutely no connection to the United States or Canada. Jamie Power, who has been living in Waterford city all of his life, announced to friends and family that he will be preparing a large feast of turkey… Read more »

Pippa O’Connor’s 5 Best Handbags For Farting In

THE practise of expelling flatulence into your handbag has saved millions of women across the world from certain embarrassment over the years, so why the big taboo? Model, author and style icon Pippa O’Connor is here to explain more, and picks out five perfect handbags to fart in: The Lazy Suzanne First of all, I’m absolutely thrilled to be… Read more »

One Simple Trick To Beat Your 10AM Sugar Crash!

DO you find yourself slumping at 10 in the morning, lethargic and unable to continue with your day? That’s the perils of starting your morning with a sugary breakfast! Studies have shown that people who eat high-in-sugar cereals, pastries, or pancakes and syrup suffer what is known as a “sugar crash”, when the short-term energy… Read more »