Shave If You Want It Licked, Women Told

FOLLOWING a secret worldwide meeting on Sunday evening in Switzerland involving the planet’s heterosexual male population, women are now being advised to shave if they want it licked down there, WWN can confirm. Flanked by dozens of sheepish looking men, chairman for men Daniel Fetherson timidly addressed the world’s media in an attempt to not start… Read more »

Local Chef Running Out Of Places To Work

A COUNTY Waterford man is currently running out of places to work after once again walking out of another head chef job at a local gastropub, WWN has learned. Mark Doran, who has been cheffing for the last 16 years, stormed out of Joxer’s Inn on Sunday morning after having an altercation with publican David Hayes, who confronted the hungover 38-year-old over his attitude towards… Read more »

Publican Is His Own Best Customer

FOR Waterford publican, Tommy Geraghty, business at The Screaming Goat bar has been slow the last couple of years, despite his accountant reporting a 34% increase volume in alcohol being sold. “I can’t make head nor tails of it,” the 59-year-old insisted, now ordering an Eastern European staff member to pull him a pint from the bottom bar as the runoff… Read more »