Heartbroken Man Didn’t Meet Anyone He Knows At Airport

CRESTFALLEN Waterford man Cathal Keys boarded his flight to Germany this morning while weeping openly, after navigating his way through Dublin airport for the first time without bumping into someone he knew. Traditionally, a trip to the airport for the Tramore native isn’t complete without at least one interaction with someone he knows, usually consisting… Read more »

“These Are Our Roads Now” Insist Farmers ​

THE nation’s farmers have confirmed that Irish rural roads are theirs now for the next few months while they do whatever it is they do be doing with their large and very slow agricultural machinery. Speaking on the phone to WWN while taking up the entire breadth of a country road, chairman of the Farming Association… Read more »

Car Passenger Secretly Concentrating On Road

TRYING his best not to look overly frightened or scared, car passenger and human travelling at 110kmh, Dermot Williams, gave one word replies to motorist and friend James Woods as he casually took yet another bend slightly over the dividing white line. “She’s a nippy little yoke,” exclaimed the son-of-two, as his anus unclenched in… Read more »