Adults Are Just Children In Bigger Bodies, Finds Report

A SHOCKING new report published by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has found that adult human beings are actually just children living inside bigger bodies, forcing scientists to rethink everything they knew about the nature on mankind. Researchers at MIT studied over 10 thousand people over a period of 50 years, making this one of… Read more »

Local Man Too Hungry To Chance The Falafel

A FAMISHED Waterford man currently trying to decide what to eat for lunch has confirmed he is actually “too hungry” to try the Falafel, but promised to make the decision to eat one someday, just not today. Mark Ryan, 44, who could probably do with losing a few pounds now that he thinks about it, has… Read more »

Waterford Whispers News Live Show

Waterford Whispers News is dedicated to bringing you, the public, all the essential news and having discovered injecting the news directly into your veins is illegal (thanks health and safety laws) we will instead deliver it to your eyes and ears in a live setting. Get news’d in the face at the following venues with… Read more »

Free Stater Disgusted By ‘Nordy Stuff’

A COUNTY Kilkenny man has said he is absolutely appalled by the recent spate of violence in the North, and called on “nordies to cop onto themselves” if they want people down south to care about their silly cause. Speaking with his mouth earlier, Daniel Casey admitted he could not understand why everyone “up there”… Read more »

Girlfriend Was Fine Until You Mentioned It

CONFLICTING reports emanating from your girlfriend has found she was actually in great form earlier, but is now somehow upset after you questioned her mood, WWN can confirm. Despite showing all the signs of someone being slightly on edge, the love of your life insisted everything was going great until you mentioned it, thanks. “Oh my God!… Read more »