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Scented Candle Hacks Family To Death

MANY people’s worst fears about scented candles since news of their cancer causing powers emerged have been realised after an innocent family was hacked to death by what officers believe was a Yankee Candle Lemon Lavender. The scene at a Bundoran home in Donegal resembled a horror movie, according to journalists who haven’t seen inside… Read more »

Confirmed; One Little Yoghurt Drink Counteracts 14 Hours Of Eating Junk Food

PEOPLE who feel that their diet of non-stop processed foods washed down with sugar-filled beverages may be contributing to their expanding waistline and general poor health can rest easy, as research confirms that drinking one little bottle of odd-tasting yoghurt first thing in the morning will counteract an entire day of gluttony and excess. Starting your day with… Read more »

Couple Really Just Nodding Along During Baby Scan

AN EXPECTANT couple who attended their 20-week scan earlier today may have appeared to be following everything the sonographer was talking about, but closer inspection reveals they were just nodding along the whole time. Cathal and Sheila Brennan, currently expecting their first baby, were in the maternity hospital in Holles Street, Dublin this morning for… Read more »