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Feng Shui Makeover In City Centre Smack Den ‘A Big Hit’ With The Addicts

ANGELIC, enchanting and pulchritudinous were just some of the words used by user Martin ‘Nailers’ Johnson when he described the new €7.34 makeover. Nailers has revealed that he consulted with a well known Chinese feng shui expert before rearranging the ‘spent’ residence, tilting the scarface poster several degrees and setting up a ‘no smoke zone’… Read more »

Man In Coma Won’t Stop Farting

Retired teacher Joseph Granville has been surrounded by family every night since he fell into a coma last weekend. Hospital staff admitted to WWN that they have been moved by the touching scenes of children and grandchildren rallying behind Mr. Granville’s wife June in this very trying time. However, the staff remarked that they were… Read more »

Irish Man Ostracised For Not Drinking Tea

A TENSE scene unfolded in the staff kitchen of O’Malley’s Office Supplies in Waterford today as Antony Maher made a shocking confession to his co-workers. The 24-year-old had been enjoying his first few months of employment and felt confident enough to share a deep and dark secret. Antony, visibly sweating, waited for a break in… Read more »