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Ebola: How It Will Kill You, And When

With the fearsome Ebola virus spreading terror across the globe for the first time in ages, WWN has been given the grim task of letting people know you have literally days to make amends with your God before you and everyone you know die while roaring for mercy. The recent resurgence of Ebola, a highly… Read more »

New Study Reveals Irish Bodies Made Up Of 60% Tea

A STUDY published today by the Institute of Studies has sensationally revealed the extent of which tea drinking has affected evolution of the Irish people. Record keepers maintain that the Irish are among the elite drinkers of the hot beverage in the world consuming an average of about 4.8 pounds per person every year. Using… Read more »

Drunk Children Funnier, Finds Survey

INTOXICATED CHILDREN are more than 300% funnier than their sober counterparts, a new survey carried out by scientists revealed today. Toddlers as young as two years old were said to be the funniest out of a group of 600 children tested by neurological experts at Oxford University, England. Researchers divided the children into three categories:… Read more »