Clare Man Realises He Has Given Away Soul After Reading I-Tunes Terms And Conditions

Diarmuid Kelly, a Clare native, was shocked to discover that he had unwittingly sold his soul to a company by agreeing to the website’s terms and conditions. Like most people, Diarmuid didn’t have the time to read through over 14,000 words worth of ‘data use policy’, ‘waiver and indemnity’ and ‘privacy’ so he instead instinctively… Read more »

Daniel Day Lewis To Play 5 Year-Old Asian Child In New Movie

THREE TIME Oscar-winning actor Daniel Day Lewis is to push his acting talents like never before in an upcoming epic movie. The movie, tentatively titled ‘Child of China’ follows wide-eyed and naive child Xang Bo, who from humbles beginnings becomes the first human to eat 10 dry crackers in under 30 seconds. The film is… Read more »