Danny Glover Officially Too Old For Most Shit

FAMED ‘Lethal Weapon’ star Danny Glover has finally lived up to his famous catchphrase from the celebrated buddy-cop series, having passed into an age where he is genuinely too old for most, if not all, shit. “I’m too old for this shit,” exclaimed Glover in his career-defining role as Detective Roger Murtagh, whose 50th birthday… Read more »

“Damn Stupid Hipsters,” Confirms Jealous Man Not Going To Bulmers Forbidden Fruit Festival

A MAN who has found himself ticketless for the upcoming Bulmers Forbidden Fruit Festival, has denounced the 3-day event which features many of his favourite acts as a breeding ground for ‘damn hipsters’. “Ah I’d say it’ll be unbearable. All those ‘I’m too cool for school’ try hards, like I’d be caught dead going to… Read more »