Ghostbusters Fans Criticised Over Ghost Costumes


SO-CALLED “fans” of the popular supernatural comedy franchise Ghostbusters have been heavily criticised for their shoddy attempts at cosplay, which have resulted in costumes that make them look like a bunch of absolute idiots. The phenomenon came to light as Leslie Jones, star of the newest version of the long-running franchise, announced on Twitter that… Read more »

Elizabeth Taylor In Swimsuit Stuns Everyone At Beach

Death by Drowning

DECEASED Hollywood icon Elizabeth Taylor wowed beachgoers in Miami earlier today by making an appearance wearing in a stunning one-piece swimsuit along with her trademark oversized sunglasses. Onlookers remarked that Taylor, who has been dead for 5 years, turned heads as she bobbed around in the warm water, soaking up the sun with a carefree… Read more »

Riverdance Embarks On Another Farewell Tour


IRISH dancing extravaganza Riverdance is to set off on another Farewell tour, coming hot on the heels of the last farewell tour, and just three years after the “We swear to God, this is it” tour. Now entering it’s 22st year, the sensational blend of Celtic dance and music that debuted at the 1994 Eurovision… Read more »

Contestant On Game Show Accused Of Playing A Game


A CONTESTANT on a reality TV show has been accused by fellow reality game show contestants of ‘playing a game’, on the reality TV game show. Property developer, Jason Burrill, who won £20,000 in exchange for evicting another contestant, was slammed by viewers for evicting contestant and favourite to win, Lateysha Grace. “How could he evict the best contestant in… Read more »