Emmerdale Residents Abandon Cursed Village

AFTER years of unnatural death, tragedy and human anguish, the population of a Yorkshire village have decided to move en masse to a new home, after finally accepting that their home must be located on the site of an ancient burial ground or something. The residents of Emmerdale were numbed yesterday to learn that yet another… Read more »

Local Kid’s Favourite TV Show Is Some Lad On YouTube Playing Minecraft

A PAIR of Waterford parents have expressed bafflement at their son’s ability to sit for hours watching YouTube videos of someone else playing Minecraft, WWN can exclusively reveal. Conor Gahon, 9, spends more time watching the YouTube channel of Min3cra5txXx than he does actually playing the popular block-based building game. This has confused his Dunmore… Read more »

Mel Gibson Hires Saxophone Player To Follow Him Around At All Times

HOLLYWOOD icon Mel Gibson has arranged for a private saxophonist to follow him around at all times and play a short jazz riff as and when appropriate, WWN can exclusively reveal. Currently filming in Ireland, the 60-year-old believes the 5 to 10 second saxophone blasts will momentarily confuse people as to the difference between Mel Gibson, actor, and… Read more »