Tony Stark Wins 50th Consecutive Iron Man Competition

FOLLOWING his 50th consecutive first-place finish, playboy Tony Stark has been banned from competing in any further Iron Man competitions after athletes claimed that his biomechanical suits of armour give him an unfair advantage in the gruelling feat of endurance. Consisting of a 2.4-mile swim, a 112-mile bicycle ride followed by a full marathon, an Iron Man race… Read more »

Rapping Rose Shot 9 Times In Gang-Related Drive By

THERE was pandemonium after last night’s first-round heats at the Rose Of Tralee competition, as the ill beats of one rapping competitor drew the ire of a fearsome West Tralee hip-hop outfit, resulting in a drive-by shooting that left dozens injured. German rose Kari Foss put the lean in cailín deas with some dope rhymes during her talent… Read more »