Daddy Pig Files For Divorce

DADDY Pig, the long-suffering patriarch of a family of talking pigs, has opened up to WWN about the tense circumstances that has led to him filing for a divorce from his wife of 6 years this week, and where he sees his life going from here. Born Percington Pig, the 30-year-old architect spoke tearfully about how… Read more »

Pet Shop Boys Bought Out By Maxi Zoo

ICONIC 80s electro-pop duo The Pet Shop Boys have been bought up by retail giant Maxi Zoo, leading to outrage from fans who had bought tickets to see the legendary artists on tour this summer. Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe had been in the second stage of a world tour when the buy-out took place,… Read more »

Iggy Pop Turns 70, Somehow

SCIENTISTS and medical practitioners around the world are today expressing bafflement and confusion at the news that hard-living rock legend Iggy Pop has somehow reached the age of 70. Pop, born Ignert Poppertin on April 21st 1947, has been in the public eye since his breakthrough as frontman for legendary hellraisers The Stooges followed by… Read more »

True Detective Season 3 To Solve Mystery Of Why Season 2 Was So Shit

PLOT details are emerging for the recently-announced third season of the HBO anthology series True Detective, which will deal with the still-unsolved mystery surrounding the terrible second season. True Detective won millions of fans and massive critical acclaim following the release of its first season, which starred Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson as grizzled detectives… Read more »

Plea To Double Licence Fee Voted Funniest Comedy RTÉ Has Ever Produced

IRISH audiences today wiped the tears of laughter from their eyes for long enough to declare that the new director general of RTÉ’s statement that the licence fee should be doubled was without doubt ‘the funniest thing ever produced’ by the national broadcaster. Speaking on Radio One’s Today With €290,000-a-year Sean O’Rourke, €250,000-a-year DG Dee Forbes… Read more »