Latest Guinness Ad Wearing Out Its Welcome At This Stage

The incredibly popular ‘The Sapeurs’ Guinness advertisment which portrays the lives of fashion conscious Congolese men has finally out stayed its welcome, it has emerged. The latest Guinness promotion has flooded the airwaves recently with its inspiring tale of men dressing colourfully who are probably connected to Guinness in some way or another or why… Read more »

Daniel Day-Lewis to Spend Six Months Living as Daniel Day-Lewis in Preparation For Role of Daniel Day-Lewis in Biopic of Daniel Day-Lewis

Three-time Academy Award winner Daniel Day-Lewis is to begin preparation on his most challenging role to date as himself in a biopic of his life entitled “Daniel Boy”, due for release Christmas 2015. The actor is said to have begun preparation for the role ahead of an August shooting date. Known for his extreme method… Read more »