Katy French Still Dead, Finds Inquest

THE Katy French inquest confirmed yesterday that the 24-year-old is still pretty much dead from cocaine use, and is not expected to recover no matter how many questions are asked about her death. Meath coroner James Lacy told the hearing in Trim courthouse, Co Meath, that test results showed Ms.French was not responding to the lengthy… Read more »

Adams Denies Involvement In Last Nights Primetime Interview

SINN FEIN leader Gerry Adams repeatedly denied any involvement in a televised interview with Miriam O’Callaghan on RTE’s ‘Prime Time’ last night. Mr. Adams told WWN earlier that the interview was ‘staged’ by the national broadcaster and a lookalike actor was paid to answer the presenters questions in a very unprofessional manner indeed. “I wasn’t even in… Read more »

‘B*Witched’ Still Fucking Brutal, Says People That Hear

EVERYONE that can hear has confirmed this week that Irish girl-band ‘B*Witched’ are still fucking brutal, calling for new guidelines to be introduced into group come-backs. Thousands of hearing people advised the music industry that band reunions only work if the band was any good in the first place. “If it didn’t work the first… Read more »