Hundreds Of Thousands Camp Out Overnight For WWN Live Show Tickets

HUNDREDS of thousands of news fans braved cold temperatures overnight to secure their tickets for what is expected to be the greatest and most intelligent live stage show of the world has ever seen. Queues spanning up to four kilometers began building outside Ticketmaster outlets across the country from last week, with desperate fans setting up their camping gear… Read more »

Exhausted Rock Stars In His 11th Movie This Week

THE overworked charismatic lynchpin of the Jumanji and Fast and the Furious franchises, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, is reportedly suffering from exhaustion after wrapping up filming on his 11th movie of this week. The Rampage and Central Intelligence star was found by his personal assistant sleeping in his trailer for the time in months after… Read more »

WWN Guide To Being Really, Really Sorry

WELL, you’ve gone and done it now. From highly-publicised allegations of sexual impropriety to near-fatal drink-driving crashes, celebrities and well-known people need to be ready to drop a heartfelt apology as quickly as possible, to let the public know that they really, really just want everyone to forget about whatever horrible shit they’ve just done…. Read more »