Mel Gibson Hires Saxophone Player To Follow Him Around At All Times

HOLLYWOOD icon Mel Gibson has arranged for a private saxophonist to follow him around at all times and play a short jazz riff as and when appropriate, WWN can exclusively reveal. Currently filming in Ireland, the 60-year-old believes the 5 to 10 second saxophone blasts will momentarily confuse people as to the difference between Mel Gibson, actor, and… Read more »

Kardashian Robbery Elaborate Instagram Product Placement For Guns, Cable Ties

REPORTS circulating in the media had suggested the mother-of-two was held at gunpoint in a terrifying ordeal which saw jewellery stolen by disgusting thugs. However, speculation has grown in recent hours questioning the authenticity of the 35-year-old’s harrowing experience, with experts suggesting it was all part of an elaborate product plug on Kardashian’s highly influential… Read more »

Tent Turns Down Move To Channel 4 Bake Off

CHANNEL 4’s reboot of the Great British Bake-off hit another snag today, as the tent which houses the competition announced that it was staying with the BBC. The large white canopy joins Mel Giedroyc, Sue Perkins, and Mary Berry as hold-outs for the smash-hit bakery show, recently sold to Channel 4 in a £75m, 3-year deal. When… Read more »

“It’s Little Skybottle Triff Quinston I Feel Sorry For The Most”, Say Brad And Angelina’s Neighbours

IN YET more news emerging from the media maelstrom that is the tragic and unexpected separation of Hollywood power couple brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, a neighbour of the estranged couple has spoken about one of the true victims of the split; little 7 year old Skybottle Triff Quinston Jolie-Pitt. “Ah bless his wee heart,”… Read more »