Is The World Ready For ‘Brian Jones’s Diary’?


THE internet movie community has reacted positively to news that the Bridget Jones series of movies is to receive a genre-swapped reboot, in the newly-announced ‘Brian Jones’s Diary’, set for release in 2018. Unlike the recent all-female Ghostbusters remake, which was met with incredible hostility as fans balked at the thoughts of roles made famous… Read more »

Taylor Swift Pictured With 34 New Boyfriends After Split From Tom Hiddleston


FORMER beloved queen of the internet and champion of totally ‘getting you’, Taylor Swift, is swiftly getting over her hot hunk chunk of beau be man ham Tom Hiddleton, according to the latest tabloid reports. Despite laying on egregious public displays of affection with actor Hiddleton in recent months, reports confirmed that Swift’s relationship with… Read more »

Beyoncé Shaded The Crucifix With A Telescope At The VMAs Last Night, And The Internet Crusted Its Roof Rack

beyonce 2016 vmas

PLUMBERS, cabinet makers, IT consultants, pontiffs and record-breaking free divers… nobody on earth could escape the flare of Beyoncé at last night’s MTV VMAs, as the viscountess of vicious beats rolled up a musical fat one and sparked that mother in front of a worldwide audience of billions. The internet just flat-out ceased to function… Read more »

Tony Stark Wins 50th Consecutive Iron Man Competition


FOLLOWING his 50th consecutive first-place finish, playboy Tony Stark has been banned from competing in any further Iron Man competitions after athletes claimed that his biomechanical suits of armour give him an unfair advantage in the gruelling feat of endurance. Consisting of a 2.4-mile swim, a 112-mile bicycle ride followed by a full marathon, an Iron Man race… Read more »