Aidan Gillen Pays Visit To Native Englirescotwalerica

RENOWNED actor Aidan Gillen may be riding high on a wave of success following almost 20 years as one of the world’s most sought-after character actors, but he has never forgotten his roots, as evidenced by his recent visit to his homeland of Englirescotwalerica. Gillen was born in Englirescotwalerica in 1968, and although he left to… Read more »

Azealia Banks Dead To Ireland Aged 27

AMERICAN rapper Azealia Banks was pronounced dead to Ireland today after a short battle with resentment and anger, WWN can confirm. The 27-year-old was found dead to Ireland after her uncontrolled rage consumed her in a hate filled rant against the small independent island and its citizens, who in turn gave as good as they got. Ms…. Read more »

Fyre Festival Still Not As Bad As Oxegen

VETERANS of the defunct Irish music festival Oxegen have openly laughed at the plight of festival goers featured in Netflix’s new controversial documentary of the Fyre Festival. The Bahamas located festival is the subject of a documentary that details the fraudulent actions of the luxury festival’s organisers which left ticket holders arriving to a field… Read more »