POLL: Is It Sexist To Get A Boner Watching Wonder Woman?

WITH the incredibly popular DC character Wonder Woman finally getting her own movie after years in developmental hell, audiences across the world flocked to the blockbuster epic, making it the single highest-grossing release for a blockbuster directed by a woman. As well as introducing the take-no-shit character to a new generation of young women starved… Read more »

Danny Glover Officially Too Old For Most Shit

FAMED ‘Lethal Weapon’ star Danny Glover has finally lived up to his famous catchphrase from the celebrated buddy-cop series, having passed into an age where he is genuinely too old for most, if not all, shit. “I’m too old for this shit,” exclaimed Glover in his career-defining role as Detective Roger Murtagh, whose 50th birthday… Read more »

“Damn Stupid Hipsters,” Confirms Jealous Man Not Going To Bulmers Forbidden Fruit Festival

A MAN who has found himself ticketless for the upcoming Bulmers Forbidden Fruit Festival, has denounced the 3-day event which features many of his favourite acts as a breeding ground for ‘damn hipsters’. “Ah I’d say it’ll be unbearable. All those ‘I’m too cool for school’ try hards, like I’d be caught dead going to… Read more »