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Children’s Rights Activists Call For Ban On ‘Santa’s Not Coming If You’re Bold’ Threat

SEVERAL leading children’s rights activist groups have today called for an out-right ban on ‘Santa’s not coming if you’re bold,’ threats, claiming that the practice is nothing more than a cruel and draconian form of child abuse. Speaking at a conference on children’s rights in Dublin, chairman for The Wooden Spoon foundation, Tadhg Kent, told WWN… Read more »

Wife Confirms The Meaning Of Christmas Is Getting A New Smartphone

A DUBLIN wife has confirmed that the true meaning of Christmas will come in the form of a new smart phone. Angela O’Dwyer is determined to ensure the best traditions and most heartwarming elements of Christmas are preserved, chiefly that she gets the phone she’s been dropping hints about since August. “Honestly can’t wait for… Read more »

Christmas At Home With The Family Ruined By Family

RESEARCHERS at the International Research Institute of Studies for International Research Studies have confirmed that the vast majority of Christmases spent at home with the family is absolutely fucking ruined by families. “It is atypical to find a family that enjoys each other’s company for the duration of Christmas Day, in fact, we are still… Read more »