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4 Ways Christmas Could Be A Little More Commercial

YOU may have heard a lot of people complaining that “Christmas is too commercial” every year for the entirety of your life; this is nonsense. Christmas is only starting to achieve its true commercial possibilities after years of being relatively subtle and underplayed. Think of the Christmases of your childhood: they too were deemed “too… Read more »

The Murphy’s Son Is Home For Christmas

WWN has learned that Sean Murphy, the youngest of the Murphy brood and Ailbhe and Dinny’s only son is home for the Christmas. Sean was over in Melbourne for the last few years doing a spot of teaching, but the close knit Tramore community has learned, chiefly through Ailbhe Murphy, that her darling son will… Read more »

Children’s Rights Activists Call For Ban On ‘Santa’s Not Coming If You’re Bold’ Threat

SEVERAL leading children’s rights activist groups have today called for an out-right ban on ‘Santa’s not coming if you’re bold,’ threats, claiming that the practice is nothing more than a cruel and draconian form of child abuse. Speaking at a conference on children’s rights in Dublin, chairman for The Wooden Spoon foundation, Tadhg Kent, told WWN… Read more »