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Experts Calculate Exact Amount Of Drink You Need To Get Through The Christmas

NUMBER-crunching drink researchers have issued an intrinsic guide to alcohol consumption ahead of the festive season, with pointers as to how much everyone should drink over the month of December, regardless of age, gender, or tolerance for alcohol. Staff at the Irish Intake Institute (III) calculated the average amount of drink drank in December across Ireland,… Read more »

Total Legend Already Planning 12 Pubs Of Christmas

ONE full-time mad bastard has taken time out of his busy schedule of mad-bastarding to draw up a preliminary outline of this year’s ’12 Pubs Of Christmas’, which he promises will be ‘totally the best craic ever, like’. Absolute lad Michael ‘Mikey’ Lennon has informed the other members of his ‘DA LADDZ’ Whatsapp group as… Read more »

4 Ways Christmas Could Be A Little More Commercial

YOU may have heard a lot of people complaining that “Christmas is too commercial” every year for the entirety of your life; this is nonsense. Christmas is only starting to achieve its true commercial possibilities after years of being relatively subtle and underplayed. Think of the Christmases of your childhood: they too were deemed “too… Read more »

The Murphy’s Son Is Home For Christmas

WWN has learned that Sean Murphy, the youngest of the Murphy brood and Ailbhe and Dinny’s only son is home for the Christmas. Sean was over in Melbourne for the last few years doing a spot of teaching, but the close knit Tramore community has learned, chiefly through Ailbhe Murphy, that her darling son will… Read more »