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What Does Your Christmas Tree Say About You?

THE eternal question that has plagued publications who need to figure out Christmas-related ways to get you to click on their sites and exploit your joy for much needed revenue. This is a subject that has been on the lips of 4, maybe 5 people tops and the debate is totes intense; what does your… Read more »

Donal Skehan Christmas Special Revealed To Be Donal Skehan Eating Selection Box

LEAKED previews of ‘Donal Skehan’s Magical Christmas Cookery Special’ has revealed that the entire show revolves around the young chef showing people the correct way to open and eat an entire selection box. Skehan, known for such culinary shows as ‘Boilin’ Eggs with Donal’, ‘Donal’s Koka Noodles Secrets’ and ‘Beans, Toast, and Donal’, will spend… Read more »

12 Pubs Of Christmas Downgraded To 10

A GOVERNMENT initiative to cut down on the amount of mad bastards in town over the festive season has seen the traditional ’12 pubs of Christmas’ drinking session downgraded to the ’10 pubs of Christmas’; a drop of two whole pubs. Ministers defended the controversial move, stating that the reduction of pubs required to meet… Read more »