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Denis O’Brien’s Media Control Continues As He Buys Parish Newsletter For €4 Million

IRISH billionaire and media magnate Denis O’Brien has further consolidated his grip on the Irish media after purchasing a leading publication, the Ballyhibbert Parish Newsletter, for €4 million. The newsletter’s editorial direction will remain unchanged for the 2-page parish publication according to inside sources, and backers of a free and balanced press had their fears… Read more »

New iPhone Features Revealed

AHEAD of its new product launch this Thursday, Apple has been subjected to a large number of leaks relating to the new iPhone. And if the nuggets of information we’ve amassed so far are anything to go by this will truly be Apple’s greatest achievement to date. WWN has all the much anticipated new features… Read more »

WWN Profiles: Tim Cook

AS the EU’s ruling against Apple in a tax case continues to dominate the headlines, WWN takes a closer look at Tim Cook: Name: Timothy Cook Age: 55 Occupation: CEO of Apple, nerd. Maniac capitalist hell bent on the destruction of mankind, possibly. Why is he in the news: due to an EU ruling, which… Read more »

Government To Ignore Latest iOS Update

MINISTER for finance Michael Noonan has clicked ‘close’ on a recent update from Apple, claiming that it’s probably unnecessary and he hasn’t got the patience for dealing with it right now. The update, recently approved by a European Commission in to the tax affairs of the tech giants, popped up on Noonan’s computer earlier today, and… Read more »

Banking Stress Test Reveals 2008-Levels Of Politicians Saying “Everything Is Grand”

FANS of the 2008 financial crisis were delighted at the news that a recent stress-test of Irish banks have brought about a trip down memory lane, with glaring holes showing up across several Irish financial institutions along with huge numbers of politicians and banking officials rushing to assure the population that ‘everything is grand’. Tests… Read more »